Sunday, 13 September 2009


Just a very quick post to share with you this lovely photo I took yesterday. As per usual it shows my favourite photographic subject, my beautiful Siamese cat Sapphire.

As soon as I get the camera out she is never fails so I took a series of pictures just to satisfy her....before I was able to move on and photograph what I actually got the camera out for in the first place.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Late Night Crafting Cat

Thought I would share these fun pics with you. I find that I am at my most creative really late at night so this frequently means I am working away in my craft room into the wee small hours.

My Siamese cat Sapphire tends to take herself off to bed long before then but just occasionally she wakes up and comes to find me. I am usually totally absorbed in what I am doing so the first I am aware of her presence is when she suddenly howls/shrieks behind me and frightens me to death. She then proceeds to get up on my worktop to see what I am doing and struts backwards and forwards until I stop what I am doing and make a fuss of her.
Occasionally she will curl up on my lap and go back to sleep but mostly she just sits on the work top and watches me or tries to play with whatever I am using. This particular night I was playing around making samples for my up and coming 3-D Christmas class and she was very taken with the ribbons on the gift card holders.

Please excuse the poor picture's not the best lighting in the world at 2am in my little craft room.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

More pictures from the Family Fun Day

Just a few more pictures from last Sunday. The group in the brightly coloured costumes are the Coconutters

Fun day out

This is a photo of my beautiful Great Niece Jessica.
I took the picture last weekend when we had a rare family gathering. Our local pub The Crown had a family fun day with Morris Dancers, other dance groups, street theatre groups and Bacup's very own Brittania Coconutters. Unusually for us as a family everyone was able to attend and we had a fun afternoon.

Monday, 6 July 2009


Ok I know this isn't a card OR a paper creation but just couldn't resist sharing this picture with you. This is Sapphire my seal point Siamese who rules our house. She was relaxing in her favourite "afternoon" sunbathing spot namely our front bedroom. The morning usually finds her either in front of the patio doors or out in the conservatory but the afternoons are best as she has a comfy bed to sprawl on.

New blog, new look, new ideas

I decided that I needed a place where I could try out any new blog layout ideas etc.

As I am quite technically challenged and don't want to mess up my Stampin' Up! blog I have created this new one.

It will also give me a place to share my non SU cards and other paper goodies.